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G3.P2 Affordable Housing Controls and Targets



  • Advocate to state government for the implementation of new affordable housing planning controls and targets, including "opt-in" Inclusionary Zoning Amendments to the Victorian Planning Provisions to enable local government to amend planning schemes to establish a mandatory inclusionary zoning scheme (on an IMAP basis).



- Stage 1: COMPLETED. Refer to Action 5.2 here

- Stage 2: CURRENT: See below for reports on this project


Committee Meeting 30 November 2018

GS.P2 Affordable Housing Controls and Targets - Investigation of a Regional Affordable Housing Planning Mechanism.pdf


Progress reports from prior to June 2016 can be found here under Action 5.2.

Community Land Trusts


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The Australian Community Land Trust Manual.pdf (3.78MB)





Friday 29 November 2019 at 8.00am, City of Melbourne: Council Meeting Room - Level 2, Melbourne Town Hall Administration Building, 90-120 Swanston Street MELBOURNE.  Refer to IMAP Meetings for the Agenda (published a week prior to the meeting).

The 2018-19 IMAP Annual Report is now available - click here.

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