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G5.P5 Implement Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) and Green Demonstration Projects




  • Continue the promotion of Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) principles including; encouraging green roofs and walls through policies and programs across Inner Melbourne, a regional scale retrofit program for commercial and high density residential development, and the use of Green Star ratings for new and retrofitted buildings and infrastructure.
  • Establish guidelines for Council projects and advocate for the implementation of ESD standards into all municipal planning schemes.
  • Complete ESD related projects that create awareness, interest in ESD and green building such as - establishing green building awards; demonstration projects of green roofs/walls; broaden the content and distribution of the ESD factsheets project.




Progress reports for this project from prior to June 2016 can be found here under Action 9.2.



Sustainable Design Factsheets


Sustainable Design Factsheets

Click here to read more about and download the IMAP Sustainable Design Factsheets.



Green Roofs Research Project ARC Linkage Grant: "Mimicking natural ecosystems to improve green roof performance"


 Click here for more information on this project - scroll to Action 9.4 (ii)




Friday 22 February 2019 at 8.00am, 

Maribyrnong City Council offices: Reception Room, Level 1 - Corner of Napier & Hyde Streets, FOOTSCRAY.  Refer to IMAP Meetings for the Agenda (published a week prior to the meeting).


The 2017-18 IMAP Annual Report is now available. Click here.

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