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Goal 2


A connected transport network that provides real travel choices


Strategy 2.1

We will work with others to ensure that all activity centres, urban renewal precincts, employment and tourism nodes are supported by excellent walking, bike riding, public transport and night time travel options as part of an integrated and connected regional transport network.


Strategy 2.2

We will advocate for improved accessibility, frequency, capacity and connectivity of public transport across Inner Melbourne.


Strategy 2.3

We will make Inner Melbourne a 'cycling friendly' region by creating a continuous network of on and off road cycling routes.


Strategy 2.4

We will make Inner Melbourne a great place for walking by substantially improving amenity, wayfinding, safety and connectivity along key routes across the region.


Strategy 2.5

We will work with others to reduce the impact of through traffic across Inner Melbourne - particularly through the CBD, activity centres and major tourism, education, health and employment precincts.


Strategy 2.6

We will advocate for re-prioritised road space which allocates and gives priority to walking, bike riding, car share parking spaces and public transport on selected regional and local roads across Inner Melbourne.


Strategy 2.7

We will work with others to delineate a priority freight network between ports and destinations to meet the needs of the increased freight task which does not require travel through residential neighbourhoods.



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