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Goal 3


Diverse, vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities


Strategy 3.1

We will work with others and advocate for a substantial increase in the supply of affordable housing in Inner Melbourne.


Strategy 3.2

We will advocate to achieve improved design quality, internal amenity standards, environmental sustainability and diversity of apartments in all new and refurbished homes in Inner Melbourne.


Strategy 3.3

We will work with others to plan and deliver regional and local community infrastructure and services to meet the needs of a rapidly growing resident and worker population.


Strategy 3.4

We will work together to deliver accessible regional sporting and recreation facilities which offer a diversity of sporting and recreational opportunities.


Strategy 3.5

We will work in partnership with the State Government and non-government education providers to develop new educational facilities and services in the IMAP region in locations that meet forecast local education needs and in ways that allow for shared use by local communities.


Strategy 3.6

We will implement joint programs to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of the Inner Melbourne community.



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