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Goal 4


Distinctive, high quality neighbourhoods and places


Strategy 4.1

We will plan and deliver an integrated open space network for Inner Melbourne that is diverse, connected and of high quality.


Strategy 4.2

We will work together to integrate water sensitive landscapes, substantial tree canopies, biodiversity and habitat into the design of all parks and public space (i.e. streets) areas right across Inner Melbourne.


Strategy 4.3

We will establish design standards which seek to ensure new urban development protects and enhances the appearance, vitality and amenity of Inner Melbourne.


Strategy 4.4

We will work with the State Government to establish urban renewal plans that create distinctive high quality local neighbourhoods and promote positive development outcomes in medium and higher density environments.


Strategy 4.5

We will work with the State Government to improve the planning, design and management of significant public spaces, waterfront destinations and waterways across Inner Melbourne.



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