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IMAP Resources Index



You will be able to access all the major reports prepared by IMAP by clicking on links below (to be completed).

Activity Centres


Managing Conflict in Activity Centres - Developing planning tools to manage cumulative impacts; and review of definitions (Action 6.3 August 2009) 486KB

Managing Conflicts in Activity Centres - Final report (Action 6.3 November 2011)

Living with Live Music guide - City of Port Phillip (Action 6.3 August 2013)


Affordable Housing


Affordable Housing in Melbourne's Inner Urban Region: a strategic framework. SGS Economics (Action 5.2 June 2004 ) 623KB

An Affordable Housing Overlay in the Victoria Planning provisions: Implementation Model for Melbourne's Inner Urban Region. SGS Economics (Action 5.2 March 2007)

Advice on the Issues of the Inner Region Affordable Housing overlay. BIRUU Report (Action 5.2 June 2008)

Affordable Housing Development Models. AHS Report (Action 5.2 March 2011 )1.03MB

The Australian Community Land Trust Manual (Action 5.2 February 2013)3.7MB

State and Local Government Collaboration: The future direction for master planning public housing. Beverley Kliger & Associates (Action 5.3 October 2012)


Regional development


Liveable Walkable Melbourne - the Structure, Character and Significance of Inner Melbourne (Action 1.1 August 2006)1.48MB

Making Melbourne More Liveable: a partnership for Regional Economic Prosperity (Action 7.4 May 2008)4.2MB

Universities & Regional Development - Work Integrated Learning (WIL) project:

- Student Placement Inventory and Key Contacts (Action 7.7 May 2012)

- Policy and Supporting Documentation WIL Conference paper: "The Inner Melbourne Action Plan - leveraging Work Integrated Learning to facilitate meaningful connections between local councils and universities". A Moloney, E McElroy, A Ley (Action 7.7 November 2012)

- WIL Conference presentation (Action 7.7 November 2012)




The development of Inner Melbourne Wayfinding Signage - Stage 1 Part 1. JA Grant & Associates, Visual Voice (Action 2.2 December 2007)7.1MB




IMAP Carbon footprint for IMAP Councils. ARUP Draft report (May 2009, Action 9.3)

Sustainable Design factsheets (10 available) (Action 9.2 May 2013)

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Local Planning Policy (Action 9.3 August 2009)

Growing Green Guide - A Guide to Green Roofs, Walls and Facades in Melbourne and Victoria, Australia (Action 9.4 February 2014)17MB

Green Roofs, Wall & Facades Policy Options Background Paper (Action 9.4 December 2013)1.1MB

Working toward demonstration sites for green roofs, walls and facades in Melbourne (Action 9.4 February 2014)1.7MB (Link to website)

Transitioning to a Water Sensitive City (Action 9.4 November 2011)

Water Management for Open Space: Technical Notes & Case Studies (Action 9.6 September 2007)1.77MB




Inner Melbourne Map Itineraries

- Regional Experience packages




Hoddle Street Study: IMAP Update. VicRoads presentation (Action 1.4 May 2011)

Review of the Priority Bike Network for IMAP (Action 2.3 February 2008)

Regional Greenlight Project Evaluation report: presentation Department of Transport (Action 2.4, May 2011)

Regional Greenlight Project Conference Paper (Dept of Transport)(Action 2.4)

Regional Approach to Parking Management - Final report (Action 3.3 November 2009)

Car Share research (Action 3.3 August 2010)

Reducing through traffic Final Report (Action 3.5 May 2014)

 - Project team: Final Report.pdf (21KB)

- Consultant report - see below:

(Full version) Pages 1-66 Reducing Through Traffic Final Report.pdf (26MB)

(Part 1) Pages 1-15 Introduction, Definitions, Spatial Analysis (incl City of Melbourne). pdf (3.2 MB)

(Part 2) Pages 16-33 Spatial Analysis cont'd. (incl Cities of Yarra and Stonnington).pdf (4.6MB)

(Part 3) Pages 34-49 Spatial Analysis cont'd. (incl Cities of Port Phillip and Maribyrnong).pdf (4MB)

(Part 4) Pages 50-66 Spatial Analysis cont'd. (incl IMAP area), Causes, Actions.pdf (4.8MB)

Appendix A Literature Review & Gap Analysis.pdf (619KB)

Appendix B Melbourne Traffic Distribution Maps.pdf (8MB)

Appendix C Yarra Traffic Distribution Maps.pdf (8MB)

Appendix D Stonnington West Traffic Distribution Maps.pdf (5MB)

Appendix E Port Phillip Traffic Distribution Maps.pdf (5MB)

Appendix F Maribyrnong Traffic Distribution Maps.pdf (7MB)

Appendix G IMAP Traffic Distribution Maps.pdf (8MB)




Friday 22 February 2019 at 8.00am, 

Maribyrnong City Council offices: Reception Room, Level 1 - Corner of Napier & Hyde Streets, FOOTSCRAY.  Refer to IMAP Meetings for the Agenda (published a week prior to the meeting).


The 2017-18 IMAP Annual Report is now available. Click here.

A copy of the approved Plan is available on this website. Follow this link for further information.