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Read more about this project below or visit the website. is a website for makers such as:

  • artisans and boutique makers;
  • cutting-edge digital or industrial designers;
  • food, fashion, furniture producers - and much more. 


Developed in October 2015, the site not only provides a public interface for makers in Melbourne to promote their goods and services to the public, it also assists in valuable research for the sustainability of small urban manufacturers in the future. interactive map provides makers the opportunity to be located via a 'locator pin' on the map with visible information about their business to potential customers and suppliers. 

 Makers are able to display:

  • their business name;
  • their contact details, including website link;
  • a short description of the business; and
  • a supporting graphic showcasing their wares or best business feature.


Makers are defined by their unique nature and character in designing a physical or digital product that may lead to small or large-scale manufacturing.  The project encourages Makers dotted throughout metropolitan Melbourne and, in particular, the inner Melbourne area of the IMAP councils of Melbourne, Port Phillip, Stonnington, Yarra and Maribyrnong - as well as Moreland - to showcase what Makers have to offer.

The project is focusing on Small Makers operating with 20 or less employees, ranging from individual home-based businesses to larger businesses operating in small industrial, warehousing and incubator space or combined retail spaces.