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Strategy 6 Progress Reports Progress


Reports relating to the five Action Plans can be downloaded below.

Action 6.1 Activity Centre local policy

No progress reports currently available.

Action 6.2 Activity Centre public environment

No progress reports currently available.

Action 6.3 Managing conflicts in Activity Centres


Stage 1

Status: Completed. View Reports on this Action.

Letter from Dept of Justice re Cumulative Impact.pdf 454KB

Committee Meeting 31 October 2008

Action 6.3 Briefing Paper 31 Oct 2008.pdf 12KB

Attachment 1: Action 6.3 Discussion Paper 31 Oct 2008.pdf 38KB

Attachment 2: Action 6.3 Proposed Approach 31 Oct 2008.pdf 36KB

Committee Meeting 6 February 2009

Action 6.3 Progress Report 6 Feb 2009.pdf 52KB

Attachment 1:Action 6.3  Indicators 6 Feb 2009.pdf 393KB

Attachment 2: Cumulative Impact Assessment.pdf 44KB

Attachment 3: Applicant Checklist.pdf 160KB

Committee Meeting 28 August 2009

Action 6.3 Briefing Paper and 8 Attachments 28 Aug 2009.pdf 484KB

Committee Meeting 18 November 2011

Action 6.3 Final Report 18 Nov 2011.pdf 12KB

Committee Meeting 25 May 2012

Action 6.3 Report on Meeting with VCGLR

Committee Meeting 30 August 2013

Action 6.3 "DRAFT Living with Live Music Guide".pdf (1.05MB) - prepared by the City of Port Phillip


Stage 2

Status: Current.

Committee Meeting 23 February 2018

Managing Conflicts in Activity Centres Report.pdf (99KB) 


Action 6.4 New cultural facilities

No progress reports currently available.

Action 6.5 Activity Centre services

No progress reports currently available.




Friday 22 February 2019 at 8.00am, 

Maribyrnong City Council offices: Reception Room, Level 1 - Corner of Napier & Hyde Streets, FOOTSCRAY.  Refer to IMAP Meetings for the Agenda (published a week prior to the meeting).


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