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Strategy 7 Progress Reports


Progress Reports relating to the seven Action Plans can be downloaded below.

Action 7.1 Government/Industry links

Status: Not being undertaken

Action 7.2 Support creative businesses

Status: Current.  View reports for this Action.

(i) Investigating Creative Business project options

 Committee Meeting 7 December 2012

Action 7.2 Briefing paper - funding request for preliminary research

(ii) Urban Manufacturing Project

Committee Meeting 30 May 2014

Presentation: "Inevitably Housing...": SGS proposal

Committee Meeting 28 August 2014

Urban Manufacturing Project - Proposal

Committee Meeting 28 November 2014

Urban Manufacturing report

Committee Meeting 13 February 2015

Urban Manufacturing Project Progress report (Outputs/Budget)

Committee meeting 28 August 2015

Urban Manufacturing research - Phase 1 Report "The Dilemma of Urban Employment Land - An Inquiry into the viability of small urban manufacturing in Inner Melbourne".pdf (3.1MB)

Committee Meeting 26 February 2016

Urban Manufacturing report - Final Phase 1 report & Phase 2 funding.pdf (1.6MB)

FINAL Phase 1 Report: The Dilemma of Employment Land..." .pdf (7.6MB)

Committee Meeting 27 May 2016

Urban Manufacturing Report - Update confirming project budget and way forward.pdf

Committee Meeting 25 August 2017

Urban Manufacturing - Progress report (including CoM spatial mapping, the International Policy Review, and local Planning Policy Review draft reports).pdf(3.2MB)


Also refer to the Resources section for the latest information on the Urban Manufacturing project; or go to  


Action 7.3 Improved information

Status: Not being undertaken.

Action 7.4 Regional economic development statement

Status: Completed. View Reports for this Action.

Committee Meeting 28 February 2008

Action 7.4 Briefing Paper 28 Feb 2008.pdf 65KB

Attachment Action 7.4 Regional Economic Development 28 Feb 2008.pdf 352KB

Committee Meeting 30 May 2008

Action 7.4 Briefing Paper.pdf 20KB

Making Melbourne more liveable - A Partnership for regional Economic Prosperity (May 08).pdf 4MB

Action 7.5 Wireless Broadband

Status: Not being undertaken.

Action 7.6 Exporting health services

Status: Not being undertaken.

Action 7.7 Universities and regional development

Status: Completed. View Reports for this Action.

Committee Meeting 31 October 2008

Action 7.7 Briefing Paper OKC 31 Oct 2008.pdf 16KB

Committee Meeting 6 February 2009

Action 7.7 OKC Regional Development 6 Feb 2009.pdf 135KB

Attachment Action 7.7 CHUM workshop report 6 Feb 2009.pdf 170KB

Committee Meeting 27 August 2010

Action 7.7 Progress Report 27 Aug 2010;pdf 11KB

Attachment: Action 7.7 Collated WIL policy & Guidelines 27 Aug 2010.pdf 207KB

Attachment 2: Action 7.7 WIL Checklist 27 Aug 2010.pdf 96KB

Attachment 3: Action 7.7 WIL FAQ 27 Aug 2010.pdf 227KB

Committee Meeting 11 March 2011

Action 7.7 Progress Report 11 March 2011.pdf 12KB

Attachment: Action 7.7 Student Placement Officer PD 11 Mar 2011.PDF 20KB

Attachment Action 7.7 Budget items WIL project 11 March 2011.pdf 29KB

Committee Meeting 26 August 2011

Action 7.7 WIL Project Briefing August 2011.pdf 171KB

Committee Meeting 25 May 2012

Action 7.7 Work Integrated Learning - Final Report

Attachment Action 7.7 Project Achievements

Attachment Action 7.7 Council Internet Resources

Refer to the Resources section of this website to access copies of the student placement documents described in this report

ACEN (Australian Collaborative Education Network) Conference, Geelong 1 November 2012

Conference Paper "The 'Inner Melbourne Action Plan' - leveraging Work Integrated Learning to facilitate meaningful connections between local councils and universities." (120KB)

Conference powerpoint presentation - by Alexandra Moloney (254KB)




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