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Due to the limited use made of the IMAP GIS LInk, this resource has now been discontinued.

For information on the GIS site data, contact the IMAP Executive Officer



Quick access to the reports on a number of key projects can be found below:

Strategy 5 Affordable Housing


Click here for reports on:

Affordable Housing Overlay planning provisions and the Australian Community Land Trust (CLT) Manual


Strategy 7 Universities and Regional Development


Click here for the Urban Manufacturing project updates

Click here for Student Placement (Work Integrated Learning) resources


Strategy 9 Green Demonstration Projects


Click here for Sustainable Design Factsheets

Click here for the Water Sensitive Cities report

Click here for the Growing Green Guide for Melbourne


Strategy 11 Regional Tourism


Click here to access copies of the IMAP visitor maps and seasonal videos showcasing inner Melbourne visitor destinations.



Click here to access the list of IMAP papers.



The 2016-17 IMAP Annual Report is now available. Click here.

The new IMAP plan has been adopted. Follow this link for further information.


Click here to visit the website. Refer to the Resources section on the tab above for the latest news & information on the new Urban Manufacturing project!