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IMAP Strategy 4

Increase public transport use

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If the Inner Melbourne Region is to develop sustainable transport patterns and meet the needs of residents and businesses, public transport use must be increased.

Increasing public transport patronage will require improving service and capacity, which depend on service speed and frequency.

While Melbourne has an extensive tram network it also has one of the slowest by international standards.Tram service speeds decline to a low average of nine kph in Inner Melbourne.

A reduction in trip time will be achieved by providing more road space and time at traffic  lights for public transport. In Activity Centres, top tram speeds need to be consistent with a pedestrian friendly environment.

Existing programs for encouraging public transport use (TravelSmart) and improving tram service operation (Think Tram program) are already in place. These need to be supported and extended.

An agreed approach to managing streets (particularly in Activity Centres) is required to ensure increased service speeds do not adversely affect the attractiveness of streets or the pedestrian experience.

Action 4.1 ‘TravelSmart'

Deliver ‘TravelSmart' programs across the Inner Melbourne Region, especially targeting schools and workplaces.

Status: Not being undertaken  - program funding not available

Action 4.2 Street design standards

Develop an agreed set of principles and design standards for reducing tram travel times in the Inner Melbourne Region while preserving the quality of the public environment and the attractiveness of streets for pedestrians.

Action 4.3 ‘Think Tram' program

Support the ‘Think Tram' priority program and ongoing improvements to tram services along key routes, including:

  • St Kilda Road - Brighton Road;

Action 4.4 Enhanced bus priority

Advocate for road space changes to improve the travel time of buses relative to private vehicles on key routes.

Action 4.5 Improved public transport infrastructure

Assess the possible expansion of the public transport infrastructure in the Inner Melbourne Region and along key transport corridors and the upgrade of all inner city railway stations, with options for redevelopment opportunities.

Action 4.6 Public transport pricing

Work with transport providers to review ticketing techniques to better manage and distribute travel demand to increase the attractiveness of short trips and increase the range of short trip ticket options across the Inner Melbourne Region.

Status: Not being undertaken - responsibility of other agencies

Action 4.7 Improvements to public transport services

Support improvements to existing public transport services (e.g. new links, extension of night time services).

Status: Refer to the City of Melbourne Transport Strategy



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