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Sustainable Design Factsheets


The IMAP Councils have developed a Factsheet suite that details the 10 Key Sustainable Building Categories and supports Council's SDAPP (Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process) program. Be it for a small renovation or a large development - the Factsheets provide detailed advice on sustainable building design at the planning permit application stage.

Furthermore, each Factsheet includes useful links and references and defines Best Practice Standards in each category.

We encourage you to download individual Factsheets or the entire suite (Files are in pdf. format).


The Factsheet series were updated and extended in 2015.

Please also refer to each Councils' Planning Scheme for requirements and standards that apply in that municipality.

Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) and Environmental Sustainable design (ESD) Tools are explained below...


Introduction to SDAPP.pdf

ESD Tools.pdf


The 10 Key Sustainable Building Categories

1.0  Indoor Environment Quality.pdf (423KB)

2.0  Energy Efficiency.pdf (460KB)

2.1  Sunshading.pdf (1.057MB)

3.0  Water Efficiency.pdf (442KB)

4.0  Stormwater Management.pdf (823KB)

4.1 Site Permeability.pdf (1.992MB)

5.0  Building Materials.pdf (519KB)

6.0 Transport.pdf (736KB)

7.0 Waste Management.pdf (545KB)

8.0  Urban Ecology.pdf (803KB)

8.1  Green Roofs, Walls and Facades.pdf (2.982MB)

9.0  Innovation.pdf (449KB)

9.1  Melbourne Climate.pdf (881KB)

10.0  Construction and Building Management.pdf (338KB)



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