IMAP Meeting 27 May 2011


Agenda and Attachments:


Click here for the Agenda for this meeting [32kb]

Attachment 1 Minutes [537kb]

Attachment 2 Business Arising [647kb]

Attachment 3 Financial Report [35kb]

Attachment 4 Progress Report [46kb]

Attachment 5 Communications/Governance [18kb]

Attachment 6 Action 2.4 Greenlight Project  [18kb]

Attachment 7 Action 8.1 Freight [1mb]


Note: All the above files are also available in a combined format:

Combined file -Agenda and Attachments: IMAP Implementation Committee Meeting 27 May 2011


Meeting Minutes:


 IMAP Implementation Committee Meeting 22 Signed Minutes 27 May 2011.pdf (2MB)





The 2019-20 IMAP Annual Report is now available - click here.

Friday 27 November 2020 - 8.00am to 10.00am. Provisional date - TBC. Host - City of Yarra. Refer to IMAP Meetings for the Agenda (published a week prior to the meeting).

A copy of the approved Plan is available on this website. Follow this link for further information.