About IMAP


The Inner Melbourne Action Plan (IMAP) is unique in bringing key government stakeholders together to develop and deliver regionally based actions. This new approach challenges existing structures of government, administration and resourcing arrangements.

The first IMAP

IMAP 2006-2016 set out 11 regional strategies and 57 actions to address one simple objective; to make the Inner Melbourne Region more liveable.

These strategies and actions were developed following:

  • A review of existing strategies related to Inner Melbourne;
  • A review of current planning scheme policies; and
  • A series of stakeholder forums to explore issues where an immediate common response was not evident from stakeholders.


The forums addressed issues including:

  • Public environment and urban structure;
  • Strengthening business clusters;
  • The visitor domain;
  • Transport;
  • Open space; and
  • Strengthening Melbourne communities.

Melbourne's inner Councils; the Cities of Melbourne, Port Phillip, Stonnington and Yarra, in partnership with VicUrban worked together to develop the Inner Melbourne Action Plan, adopted in December 2005. Their vision was to strengthen the liveability, attractiveness and prosperity of the region.

IMAP explores the actions that Councils within the Inner Melbourne Region may collectively need to implement to achieve the aims of Melbourne 2030. It concentrates primarily on actions that can be completed within 5-10 years.

Many of these actions require the cooperation of the State Government, government agencies or private providers of public services such as public transport companies. Other actions recommend changes to planning schemes, requiring statutory approval processes.

All actions are led by the IMAP councils in collaboration with IMAP Partners.

New IMAP members

On 1 July 2013, the Maribyrnong City Council became a full member of the Inner Melbourne Action Plan, following a period as an associate partner. IMAP project teams and the future revision of the Inner Melbourne Action Plan included Maribyrnong representation and took into account the extended inner Melbourne region.

The second ten year plan

On 28 June 2016, the five IMAP Councils adopted a new Inner Melbourne Action Plan 2016-26.The plan contains 5 Goals and 27 Strategies which cover the following priorities: Economy, Transport, Communities, Neighbourhoods and Places, and Leadership in Environmental Sustainability.





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The 2019-20 IMAP Annual Report is now available - click here.

A copy of the approved Plan is availableĀ on this website. Follow this link for further information.