G3.P1 Sport and Recreation Facility Planning




  • Development of a tool for joint forward planning, design and management of Local and Regional sporting and recreational facilities across inner Melbourne. Improved management of demand and worth (regional and local), higher yield on facility usage and improved access across boundaries. Allowing for the identification of joint projects including an efficient funding model and formal agreements between Council on projects.


STATUS - COMPLETED: See below for reports on this project


Committee Meeting 26 August 2016

Recreation Project - Progress Report.pdf (186kb)

Committee Meeting 9 December 2016

Recreation Project - Progress Report.pdf (125kb)

Recreation Project Powerpoint Presentation.PPT (17.5MB)

Committee Meeting 26 May 2017

Draft Consultant Brief.pdf (203kb)

Committee Meeting 25 May 2018

IMAP Regional Active Sport & Recreation Facilities Planning Study - Progress report.pdf (577KB)

Committee Meeting 24 May 2019

IMAP Regional Active & Recreation Facilities Planning Study - Progress report.pdf (280KB)

Committee Meeting 29 November 2019

Active Sport & Recreation Facilities Study - Progress report.pdf(243KB)

Committee Meeting 6 March 2020

Active Sport & Recreation Facilities Study Final Report.pdf(3.MB)

- IMAP Regional Sport and Recreation Facilities Planning Study. Jan 2020. SGS Economics & Planning (PDF FILE 3.12MB)

Regional Active Sport and Recreation Facilities Planning Study (Stage 2) - Technical Background Report. Final. February 2020. SGS Economics and Planning (PDF FILE 5.3MB)

Powerpoint presentation (2.9MB)



Progress reports for this project from prior to June 2016 can be found here under Action 5.5.