Goal 1 Economy


A globally significant, strong and diverse economy


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Strategy 1.1

We will work with others to foster growth in job rich 'knowledge economy' and creative industry sectors in Inner Melbourne.

Opportunities include:


  • Research into and the promotion and development of the following industry sectors:

    • advanced manufacturing;

    • biotechnology;

    • creative industries;

    • international education*, health research and science;

    • medical technologies and pharmaceuticals*;

    • financial and professional services*;

    • information and communication technology;

    • retail;

    • visitor economy and entertainment.

*Also identified by the Victorian Government's Future Industries Sector Strategies and Sector Growth Program.


Startegy 1.2

We will work with others to promote public and private sector investment in a range of specialist economic clusters across Inner Melbourne.

Opportunities include:


  • Promotion and development of the following locations:

    • Parkville, Carlton, Victoria St (Fitzroy) - Health research, international education, medical technologies and pharmaceuticals;

    • Fishermans Bend, Footscray, Cremorne, South Melbourne, Gipps St - Creative industries and urban manufacturing;

    • Arden-Macaulay, Fishermans Bend - Advanced manufacturing;

    • Tottenham, other - Manufacturing;

    • Port of Melbourne - Freight and logistics;

    • CBD, activity centres, other - Visitor economy and retail;

    • CBD, Docklands, St Kilda Road, Fishermans Bend - Finance and professional services.

  • Planning and development in each precinct so that it has the physical and social infrastructure necessary to support existing and emerging business clusters;

  • Improving the quality transport choices and creating a high standard of urban amenity in most of these locations;

  • Delivery of a joint regional program of key note speakers and networking events which build on Melbourne's brand as a knowledge city;

  • Investigating mechanisms to prevent residential development from replacing commercial activity in mixed use and renewal areas and ensure affordable spaces for incubators, micro and start up businesses;

  • Working with the State Government's Regional Management Forum on alignment of sector policies, as proposed in the 'Integrated Delivery Model' project.


Strategy 1.3

We will work with others to market Inner Melbourne as a world-class tourism destination and promote visitation across the region.

Opportunities include:


  • Strengthening IMAP's existing partnership with tourism organisations to promote the region;

  • Raising the profile of Inner Melbourne's tourism and its economic contribution and potential for the State;

  • Supporting the visitor experience of authentic destinations, places of historical significance and opportunities to 'live like a local';

  • Leveraging visitation from major events;

  • Increasing advance marketing of Inner Melbourne internationally;

  • Leveraging Melbourne's global reputation as a knowledge city.


Strategy 1.4

We will work to ensure that Inner Melbourne's activity centres and entertatinment precincts are regarded by visitors as safe, accessible and vibrant places.

Opportunities include:


  • Creating an annual calendar of events across the region that attracts higher visitation to entertainment precincts across the year;

  • Working with businesses, residents and police to improve the safety (and perceptions of safety) within entertainment precincts;

  • Undertaking research into the future of retailing (particularly high street retailing) and develop programs with local business to improve the retail performance of inner city activity centres;

  • Improving visitor information and way-finding to and within precincts.