Goal 1 projects



Commercial Vacancies Project



Explore commercial vacancies, the reasons for these and possible solutions at a policy level. Expected outcomes include:

  • confirm level of commercial vaccaancies in Activity Centres in Inner Melbourne
  • highlight constraints and disincentives on landlords
  • identify changes or incentives at a policy or program level to encourage activation
  • develop an advocacy platform for State and Federal Government changes


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G1.P1 Implementation of Census of Land Use and Employment (CLUE)



  • Investigate current information requirements and funding; determine needs and economies of scale
  • Expand CLUE implementation across IMAP Councils
  • Secure funding for CLUE implementation across IMAP Councils
  • Improve monitoring of business activity throughout Inner Melbourne


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G1.P2 Smart City Solutions



  • Based on the learnings from the City of Melbourne "Smart City" initiative, agree plans on how to progress and pilot "Smart City" opportunities across the inner Melbourne region and to support the business sector


STATUS - NOT STARTED: There are currently no reports available on this project.


G1.P3 Managing Licensed Premises and Entertainment Precincts



  • Knowledge dissemination by provision of easily accessible up to date information
  • Promote and share practices on managing licensed premises and entertainment precincts, at inner Melbourne's major tourism destinations
  • Consistent approach to liquor licensing across inner Melbourne destinations


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G1.P4 Wayfinding and Signage



  • Consistent wayfinding is recognised as a catalyst for visitors to further explore the region and enhance the economy
  • Improve wayfinding and signage across the inner Melbourne region for visitors and residents
  • Show that the inner Melbourne region and its constituent "precincts" are accessible throughout by walking, cycling and public transport


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G1.P5 IMAP Tourism



  • Continue to invest in tourism projects with external partners to promote inner Melbourne
  • Develop a three year strategic plan to identify initiatives to progress promotion of inner Melbourne
  • Implement a Visitor Economy Destination Management Plan for the IMAP region, including an integrated approach to marketing and purchasing programs


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IMAP Regional Tourist Map



  • Partner with Visit Victoria and the Melbourne Convention Bureau on the distribution of the Inner Melbourne Tourism Map in annual publications.


STATUS - CURRENT. Refer HERE to view the latest version of the map.




The 2019-20 IMAP Annual Report is now available - click here.

A copy of the approved Plan is available on this website. Follow this link for further information.