Goal 4 Neighbourhoods


Distinctive, high quality neighbourhoods and places


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Strategy 4.1

We will plan and deliver an integrated open space network for Inner Melbourne that is diverse, connected and of high quality.

Opportunities include:


  • Improving connections through an improved network of off-road and on-road walking and cycling trails;

  • Creating new open spaces in urban renewal areas to cater for the growth in resident and worker populations; 

  • Connecting existing open spaces and key destinations such as linking the Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers to the Bay;

  • Collaborating with others to identify opportunities to use streets and street spaces to create green spaces;

  • Utilising surplus State Government land assets for parkland - permanently vested in municipal authorities;

  • Identifying new funding methods, better use of existing assets and greater sharing of spaces as a way of addressing increased demand.


Strategy 4.2

We will work together to integrate water sensitive landscapes, substantial tree canopies, biodiversity and habitat into the design of all parks and public space (i.e. streets) areas right across Inner Melbourne.

Opportunities include:


  • Collaborating to implement urban forest strategies to increase the shading by tree canopy cover and associated green infrastructure;

  • Increasing biodiversity through new management protocols for street and park vegetation that prioritises habitat value and improves soil health. 


Strategy 4.3

We will establish design standards which seek to ensure new urban development protects and enhances the appearance, vitality and amenity of Inner Melbourne.

Opportunities include:


  • Developing design standards for buildings to ensure that new development sensitively addresses public realm quality issues such as overshadowing, sunlight to public spaces, wind weather protection, crime prevention through urban design etc.;

  • Developing design standards for the public realm to ensure sharing of innovative design, delivery and funding models to achieve well designed, resilient spaces for higher density settings.


Strategy 4.4

We will work with the State Government to establish urban renewal plans that create distinctive high quality local neighbourhoods and promote positive development outcomes in medium and higher density environments.

Opportunities include:


  • Developing innovative mechanisms for public and private sector funding and delivery of new infrastructure and community services;

  • Preserving culture, heritage buildings and places in urban renewal areas;

  • Providing for different building types, styles and densities in urban renewal areas;

  • Creating innovative, high quality public spaces;

  • Maintaining and enhancing the fine grain subdivision pattern and permeability (e.g. laneways) across urban renewal areas;

  • Creating new activity centres and community hubs in urban renewal areas to provide a neighbourhood focus.


Strategy 4.5

We will work with the State Government to improve the planning, design and management of significant public spaces, waterfront destinations and waterways across Inner Melbourne.

Opportunities include:


  • Lobbying the State Government to create a single authority for the Yarra River;

  • Linking public spaces, waterfront destinations and waterways as part of the wider open space network;

  • Maintaining key natural habitats where they exist, and pursuing greening opportunities where appropriate.




The 2019-20 IMAP Annual Report is now available - click here.

A copy of the approved Plan is available on this website. Follow this link for further information.