Goal 5 Environment


Leadership in achieving environmental sustainability and climate change adaptation


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Strategy 5.1

We will establish a water program across Inner Melbourne in collaboration with the State Government.

Opportunities include:


  • Requiring the use of third pipe connections or other alternative water recycling technologies in Urban Renewal Areas;

  • Rolling out joint local/State Government projects for water capture and storage;

  • Undertaking research and development into new methods for reducing potable water consumption and reusing/minimising waste;

  • Advocating for more stringent stormwater capture and treatment standards as part of developments in areas adjacent to rivers and creeks to reduce pollutant runoff.


Strategy 5.2

We will develop regional approaches to flood mitigation.

Opportunities include:


  • Working with the State Government to progress mapping and modelling of integrated flood modelling;

  • Increasing the use of on-site detention and integrated water system technologies in new developments;

  • Reducing stormwater quantity from the public and private realm to reduce flood risk in extreme rainfall events;

  • Planning for sea level rise, particularly in Fishermans Bend and E-Gate precincts.


Strategy 5.3

We will implement a program to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with all of our Councils' operations.

Opportunities include:


  • Designing new Council buildings to be 'off-grid';

  • Creating a Zero Carbon vehicle fleet;

  • Pursuing Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs) as a key financing mechanism for improving energy efficiency of existing building stock and increasing uptake of renewable energy generation;

  • Promoting Council supply chain 'green purchasing' policies across IMAP Councils;

  • Pursuing a joint approach to infrastructure provision to support alternative transport such as electric vehicles;

  • Facilitating incentives and advocacy for state funding for renewables and the green business sector to drive economic growth in high tech industries within Inner Melbourne;

  • Managing soils and vegetation to increase soil organic matter and carbon sequestration.


Strategy 5.4

We will increase the uptake of environmental sustainable design (ESD) outcomes across the Local Government, development and community sectors.

Opportunities include:


  • Demonstrating leadership by ensuring that Council capital works programs include ESD outcomes;

  • Creating demonstration and education projects for sustainable building and green infrastructure provision, including green roofs and vertical greening.


Strategy 5.5

We will establish a program to improve community and Council resilience to impacts of climate change in Inner Melbourne.

Opportunities include:


  • Creating a consistent 'cool-spaces strategy' across the IMAP region;

  • Collaborating with relevant state agencies such as the SES to build community capacity to respond to extreme weather events.




The 2019-20 IMAP Annual Report is now available - click here.

A copy of the approved Plan is available on this website. Follow this link for further information.