IMAP Meeting  13 February 2015


Click here to view the Agenda for this meeting.


Below are the attachments referred to on the agenda:

Att 1 Draft Minutes of the IMAP Committee meeting held 28 November 2014.pdf

Att 2 Business Arising.pdf

        VicRoads Road Use Hierarchy map (draft) A1 version.pdf (5.15MB) Feb 2015

        VicRoads Road Use Hierarchy map (draft) A3 version.pdf (4.22MB) Feb 2015

Att 3 IMAP Communication & Governance report.pdf

Att 4 IMAP Financial report.pdf

Att 5 IMAP Progress Report - February 2015.pdf

Att 6 Action 2.2 Visitor Signs Master Style Guide - Progress report.pdf

        Powerpoint presentation: IMAP Visitor Signage Project.ppt (5.87MB)

Att 7 Action 7.2 Support creative business- Urban Manufacturing Project - Progress report.pdf

Att 8 Action 9.4 Green Demonstration Projects - Growing Green Guide Update.pdf

       Powerpoint presentation: Growing Green Guide project update:ppt (6.05MB)

 Att 9 Action 9.4 Green Demonstration Projects - ARC grant:

       Presentation: "Mimicking natural ecosystems to improve green roof performance".pdf(4.7MB)

Att 10  Action 8.1 Freight Movement - VicRoads update

       Presentation: Inner West Freight Update.pdf (1.7MB)


The agenda is also available in a combined format (excluding maps and presentations):

IMAP Implementation Committee_Agenda and papers_13 February 2015.pdf(1.9MB)




Approved Minutes_IMAP Implementation Committee_13 February 2015.pdf( 1.1MB)







The 2019-20 IMAP Annual Report is now available - click here.

A copy of the approved Plan is available on this website. Follow this link for further information.