Strategy 9 Environment


Substantially improve the environmental performance of the Inner Melbourne Region

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There are four key environmental issues which the global community, and the Inner Melbourne Region must address: Global warming, water use, water quality in stormwater, streams and Port Phillip Bay, resource use and waste disposal. While a range of government initiatives are in place to address these issues across the whole of Victoria, it is important that local initiatives are identified and implemented to complement these broader initiatives.

The way in which buildings are designed and areas are developed has a significant impact on the Inner Melbourne Region's environmental systems. Achieving sustainable construction and design across the public and private sectors is vital to the region's future.

Parklands and active recreation facilities are central to the liveability of the Inner Melbourne Region, but water use in these areas is not always sustainable. Using recycled water on parklands will contribute to the overall sustainability of Melbourne while ensuring the future of a key component of its liveability.

Planning schemes in the Inner Melbourne Region currently address sustainable design to varying degrees by applying sustainable built form strategies, policies and controls, particularly in relation to residential development. This can be further detailed to cover particular aspects of design such as water use, and extended to cover commercial buildings.

Action 9.1 Regional sustainability targets

Establish common greenhouse emissions, water and waste targets and programs for the Inner Melbourne Region.

Status: Completed. View reports on this Action.

Action 9.2 Environmentally sustainable design - commercial buildings

Develop a common Local Planning Scheme Policy for improving environmental performance of new commercial buildings based on the City of Melbourne policy.

Status: Current. View reports on this Action.

View the Resources section of this website to download the ten Sustainable Design Factsheets.

Action 9.3 Water sensitive design

Develop a regional approach and strategy to achieve water sensitive design including:
  • Developing a common Local Planning Scheme Policy encouraging new developments to be more water efficient;
  • Encouraging new developments to minimize storm water run-off by re-using rainwater and recycling waste water;
  • Providing information, education and professional development opportunities; and
  • Encouraging landscape designs for new development to maximise use of permeable surfaces wherever possible.
Status: Completed. View reports on this Action.

Action 9.4 Green demonstration projects

Work regionally to promote sustainable water sensitive and green building demonstration projects and models.

Status: Current. View progress reports on this Action.

Action 9.5 Community capacity for sustainability

Work with service providers to build community capacity through local sustainability programs for residents and businesses across the Inner Melbourne Region.

Action 9.6 Use of recycled water for open space

Work collaboratively to reduce water use in the Inner Melbourne Region's parklands and with water retailers to establish water recycling facilities for use by parklands.

Status: Completed.  View reports on this Action.

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