Strategy 11 Tourism


Promote the Inner Melbourne Region as a tourism destination


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Tourism is a key component of the Inner Melbourne Region's economy and is one of the fastest growing industries. Several world renowned sporting and cultural events are hosted in the region annually and attract large numbers of visitors to the city.

Key considerations include clarifying the role of specialist tourism precincts across the region, identifying their capacity for expansion, accommodating future demands, enhancing gateways and entry points, maximising access and links, and optimising the environment for all.

The Inner Melbourne Region is already home to an array of magnificent specialist tourist precincts and major cultural, sporting and entertainment facilities including the Arts Precinct, the Sports and Entertainment Precinct, Albert Park, the Yarra River Corridor, Docklands, retail and activity centres - including the CAD, Fitzroy Street, Chapel Street, Bridge Road, Brunswick Street, the St Kilda foreshore and the Port Melbourne waterfront (including Station Pier).

What implementation tools are needed?

A key difficulty for tourists is finding a map that illustrates the Inner Melbourne Region, including its key attractions and public transport connections.

Map 7: The visitor domain.pdf (1.31 MB) shows those areas of Inner Melbourne that can (or should) cater for visitors.  It also identifies areas where the visitor experience should be improved.

Action 11.1 Inner Melbourne map

Contribute towards the development of Inner Melbourne visitor maps to promote attractions and facilitate orientation within the region.

Status: Current.

Refer to the Resources section to view the Inner Melbourne Map


Action 11.2 Regional tourism program

Develop a regional tourist program to promote the Inner Melbourne Region. Such a program will address:
  • Improvements and extensions to the visitor domain;
  • Improved tourism training and information services in a wider range of locations;
  • ‘Regional experience' packages for visitors and tourists; and
  • A regional events calendar that details major events across the entire Inner Melbourne Region.


Status: Current.

Regional Experience Packages

Brochure - Experience Cool Hunting.pdf (332 KB)
Brochure - Experience Fashion and Fun.pdf (318 KB)
Brochure - Freefalling around Melbourne.pdf (346 KB)
Brochure - Experience Luxury and Indulgence.pdf (346 KB)
Brochure - Cultural Diversity.pdf (308 KB)

Value of Tourism to the Inner Melbourne Region

Snapshot Fact Sheet.pdf (481 KB)




The 2019-20 IMAP Annual Report is now available - click here.

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