Strategy 2 Roads


Effectively link transport routes so that the Inner Melbourne Region is accessible throughout by walking, cycling and public transport


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Walking, cycling and public transport trips have the potential to serve the bulk of personal travel needs across the Inner Melbourne Region, but only if appropriate improvements to networks and levels of service are made.

Inner Melbourne travel patterns are already less dominated by the car than in other areas of Melbourne, however improving the pedestrian environment, cycling links and facilities and overall connectivity of the public transport system will enhance the liveability of the region.

Map 3: Walking framework.pdf (1.34 MB) shows proposed improvements to the existing network of regional walking routes.

Map 4: Regional Bicycle network.pdf (1.39 MB) shows the existing regional network and proposed improvements.

Map 5: Potential public transport network improvements.pdf (1.35 MB) shows potential new network improvements. These links need detailed investigation and assessment against economic, environmental and social outcomes. In some cases a bus service might be more appropriate than a tram.

Action 2.1 Regional physical infrastructure needs and contributions fund

Develop a region-wide mechanism to fund transport and community infrastructure.

Action 2.2 Coordinated pedestrian and public transport signage system (Wayfinding)

Introduce a consistent pedestrian orientated signage system across the region, including indicative walking times and public transport information.

Status: Stage 1 - Completed. Stage 2 - Current.  View Reports for this Action.

Action 2.3 Bicycle network legibility

Improve the legibility of the bicycle network (Principal Bicycle Network and local links) with an emphasis on clear delineation of continuous links.

Status: Stage 1 - Completed. Stage 2 - Current. View Reports for this Action.

Action 2.4 Walking links and pedestrian priority areas (Greenlight)

Implement a Principal Pedestrian Network for the Inner Melbourne Region, that will maintain and enhance permeability and pedestrian safety, with a focus on Activity Centres, regional open space, tourist destinations and long distance walking routes.

Status: Completed. View Reports for this Action.

Action 2.5 Bicycle network

Review the Principal Bicycle Network (PBN) and work with VicRoads to complete it within five years.

Status: Completed. View Progress Reports for this Action.

Action 2.6 Tram network/fixed rail improvements

Investigate the construction of new tram tracks to address network gaps, improve route connections and provide extensions.




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