Strategy 3 Traffic


Minimise the growing impact of traffic congestion


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The Inner Melbourne Region has a lower level of car use than outer metropolitan regions. This provides scope to further modify travel behaviour to decrease reliance on private vehicles.

Inner Melbourne is comparatively well served by public transport infrastructure, with train, tram and bus services. The demand for travel in the Inner Melbourne Region will continue to grow as the wider metropolitan area grows and new development occurs across the region. Increased congestion will increase costs for Inner Melbourne businesses and residents and compromise the region's capital city, business, entertainment and cultural functions.

Addressing the impacts of traffic congestion requires managing road space and traffic flows. A critical part of this objective is determining how car parking should be managed. This will mean investigating mechanisms designed to reduce car use at congested times.

Action 3.1 Commuter car use

Investigate the use of pricing mechanisms to manage non-residential parking.

Status: Not being undertaken

Action 3.2 Roads as places

Develop case studies to:

  • Demonstrate the liveability benefits and traffic impacts of viewing roads as places (with a variety of functions apart from traffic movement);
  • Explore the effects of distributing space equitably between different modes (with different and conflicting interests and needs);
  • Explore the benefits of reducing vehicle speeds; and
  • Demonstrate the benefits of emphasizing moving people rather than vehicles.

    Status: Closed. View Progress Reports for this Action.


Action 3.3 Regional approach to parking management

Develop a consistent approach to parking management across the Inner Melbourne Region based on the economic, environmental, streetscape and traffic impacts of different on and off-street car parking arrangements (including park and ride facilities), and aimed at:

  • Encouraging alternatives to car travel;
  • Limiting commuter car spaces in new development;
  • Restricting the eligibility of new dwellings to on-street parking permits in areas of high demand; and
  • Charging for parking in high use areas.

    Status: Completed. View Reports for this Action.


Action 3.4  Forty per cent (40%) by 2020 Target

Pursue, with transport operators and the State Government, a reduction in private vehicle travel of one per cent per year (while catering for an increase in commercial vehicle travel of two per cent per year) achieved by:

  • An increase in public transport patronage of five per cent per year, and an Inner Melbourne Mode Share Target for Public Transport Use of 40 per cent by 2020; and
  • A combined increase in walking and cycling trips of three per cent per year.

Status: Not Being undertaken

Action 3.5 Reduced through traffic

Investigate initiatives and extra-regional links to reduce vehicle trips made through the Inner Melbourne Region from suburban areas.

Status: Completed. View Progress Reports for this Action




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