Strategy 7 Investment


Promote the Inner Melbourne Region as an investment location for knowledge rich business sectors


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Melbourne ranks highly as a creative city and has a strong knowledge and education economy. Maintaining liveability for the creative workforce is a key part of sound economic management. An important element of the creative economy is a vibrant design culture, which depends on the cultural capital of a region. It has a broad economic impact because it provides leadership and competitive advantage to a wide range of manufacturing production.

Economic development needs to support the current and emerging business strengths of the Inner Melbourne Region. Policies aimed simply at retaining current employment are unlikely to be successful.

Coordinated programs that bring together industry, State and Local Government representatives around broad issues and specific clusters of activity are required. Universities and other education and research institutions need to be included in such programs.

The adoption of a Regional Economic Statement can be used to drive the collaborative regional development and promotion of the region's competitive strengths in a wide range of business and commercial activities.

Action 7.1 Government/Industry links

Work with State Government and stakeholders to expand networking efforts (including a network for tertiary education providers) based on the ‘Councils for Biotechnology' model.

Status: Not being undertaken

Action 7.2 Support creative businesses

Develop a support package for new and emerging businesses aimed at businesses with a focus on the practical implementation of new knowledge and ideas, design or creative endeavours.

Status: Current. View Progress reports for this Action

Action 7.3 Improved information

Undertake and disseminate research on industry, employment and property trends across the inner region.

Status: Not being undertaken.

Action 7.4 Regional economic development statement

Adopt a regional economic statement.

Status: Completed. View Reports for this Action

Action 7.5 Wireless Broadband

Work with the private sector to facilitate the delivery of Wireless Broadband (WB) Internet coverage for the entire region.

Status: Not being undertaken - NBN responsibility of other agencies

Action 7.6 Exporting health services

Work with the State Government and health sector to promote and market the Inner Melbourne Region's world class health service capabilities internationally.

Status: Not being undertaken

Action 7.7 Universities and regional development

Work collaboratively with universities and TAFE to define and develop a stronger role in regional development.

Status: Completed.View Reports for this Action and refer to the Resources section of this website to download material for engaging students in the workplace.



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