Strategy 8 Freight


Facilitate the growing importance of the Inner Melbourne Region as south-east Australia's freight hub


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The Port of Melbourne is a well developed transport and distribution hub. It is centrally located with strong road and rail links, as well as adjoining industrial uses and land supply. A number of improvements are proposed to the port and its access points, including extending Swanson Dock (under an elevated Footscray Road) and deepening shipping channels.

The Port of Melbourne handles 38 per cent of all current Australian container movements, and volume is expected to grow by 70 per cent from 2000 to 2020.The State Government's Melbourne Port@L vision establishes a framework for the port to cater for this increase.

As an important business and freight centre, the Inner Melbourne Region must specifically address the growing needs of freight movement while protecting the liveability of its neighbourhoods.

Freight movement needs to be explicitly identified in transport planning, and freight services and routes established that support freight movement while preserving the amenity of Inner Melbourne.

Action 8.1 Priority for freight movement

Improve freight movement by:
  • Designating preferred freight routes through the Inner Melbourne Region, maximizing separation from residential areas;
  • Giving priority to freight movement over private vehicles where appropriate; and
  • Advocating for reduced tolls for freight vehicles on CityLink between 11pm and 6am.
Status: Closed. View Reports on this Action.

Action 8.2 Improved links to the Port

Improve rail and road links to the port, taking account of projected growth in port function, including:
  • The Dockside Road at Port Melbourne; Plummer Street link in Port Melbourne;
  • Heavy rail services direct to the port; and
  • Grade separation of rail at Footscray Road.




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