Action 7.7 - Universities and Regional Development  - Student Placements Project


IMAP is committed to supporting and growing our 'knowledge city'.

Student placements provide an opportunity to leverage, build and establish new connections with schools, universities and TAFEs whilst providing valuable work experience to students in the community. Local government can provide diverse work areas and exciting projects to give students a fantastic learning and work experience.


The IMAP Councils have worked to recognise the economic, social and cultural impacts the knowledge sector has on the inner Melbourne region. The IMAP Councils have developed and implemented a student placement policy and other useful resources. These resources have been made available below for other organisations to utilise and modify as required.

Student Placement Planning and Management Documents

Student Placement Policy - Student Placement Policy covers legal and payment obligations required when hiring a student.


Student Placement Inventory - Find out about the courses with student placements that are relevant to local goverment. The inventory lists the placements available and who to contact at the university.


Student Placement Guide - Student Placement FAQs covers information to assist in your queries regarding student placements.


Student Placement Annual Planning Document - Prompter to assist teams in planning student placements.


Student Numbers Forecast Spreadsheet - Spreadsheet to assist in forecasting the number of student placements planned across a year.


Student Project Brief - Form to document the details of a student project.


Student Placement Checklist - Checklist covers activities for you to complete pre, during and post placement.


Student Placement Training Plan - Student Placement training plan template.


Student Interview Guide - Guide for interviewing students.


Mentor Guide - Guide for those mentoring students.


Student Exit Interview Guide - Guide for conducting an exit interview with a student.




The 2019-20 IMAP Annual Report is now available - click here.

A copy of the approved Plan is available on this website. Follow this link for further information.